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 Welcome to All.

1. Presentation Files:

Please use the following file name convention before uploading and/or sending them by mail and/or carrying them on pen-drives.

XX-FamilynameInitial.yyy (e.g. SS-TadelM.pdf for Matevz TADEL’s talk in the students’ session).
It is OK to keep either pdf AND ppt/pps versions (OR BOTH versions if you like).

Where XX is as per the following:

  1. PL for the Plenary Talk
  2. SS for the Student Session
  3. PS for the Poster Session
  4. (A0 size posters can be printed on one day’s notice and will cost about INR 1500/-)
  5. (ST to be used for the Summary Talks)

And XX for all talks in the parallel sessions is as per the following:

  1. T1 for the Track 1: Computing Technology for Physics Research
  2. T2 for the Track 2: Data Analysis-Algorithms and Tools
  3. T3 for the Track 3: Methodology of Computations in Theoretical Physics

Please follow this by the family name and the initial of the speaker.

Please copy your files in the folder acat2010 at the site and/or send them to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Users have only access to upload and download data, not to delete existing data.

This folder is to contain all presentations for the ACAT 2010 workshop.


  1. All those who have informed us (till 18.02) will be provided complimentary transport from the airport to their place of residence at one of conference hotels (Ramada, AryanIwas, Palms). While all efforts will be made to arrange transport for last minute requests, it may not  always be possible. There are prepaid taxi services at the airport. There is radio taxi service available at Rupees 10/- per km + a cover charge of ~Rs. 35/-. The cover charge is substantially more if you want to go in the outskirts e.g. LNMIIT.<>br /(Metro Cabs at (+91 141)-424 44 44 or Meri Car at (+91 141) 41 88 888)
  2. February 22: The venue for the first day of the workshop is at LNMIIT. The morning session is the students’ session and begins at 09:00 hour. The formal inauguration will be at 14:30, followed by the plenary talks. The lunch and the dinner will be at NMIIT campus.
  3. Transport will be provided for the delegates from Hotel Ramada and Hotel Arya Niwas at 08:00, and again at 10:30. Transport will be provided at the end of dinner to return to respective places of residence.
  4. February 23-27: The venue for the remaining days is at Hotel Ramada. Transport will be provided for the delegates from Hotel Arya Niwas at 08:15 and return at the end of the sessions.

3. Registration will be at LNMIIT on 22nd morning, beginning 09:00.

The registration desk will also open for one hour each on all days (Feb. 23-27) at Hotel Ramada.

4. In case of any need, please feel free to contact

  • (+91) 9829 055 159 Sudhir Raniwala
  • (+91) 9413 345 316 Dheeraj Sanghi
  • (+91) 9829 395 472 Rashmi Raniwala
  • (+91) 9414 970 333 Arti Kashyap

Thank you and wishing you a nice trip and a nice stay.
The Organising Committee.